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We maximise return from paid social using our Signal Based Full Funnel Framework, planning each stage for the right audience, the right creative & the right optimisation. With our analytics expertise we also ensure accurate measurement across the path to purchase.

Plan, execute, learn and optimise

Most paid social strategies either over simplify social or rely completely on the algorithm. We strike the balance in ensuring the right strategy is both place for every stage across the funnel, using the best of the signals, data & algorithms available, married with an understanding of the path the purchase and what message converts or supports brand equity. "Test and learn" is also a key part of our teams culture, so we'll ensure we're continuously improving performance.

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Higher ROI

9/10 of our clients see at least 26% increase in digital marketing ROI.

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    Audit & Diagnosis

  • Diagnosis

    We’ll review the Path to Purchase and the challenges your brand faces, to ensure the role of social is clear for each of your comms tasks.

  • Analytics & Website Health Check 

    We'll audit your properties to ensure accurate data collection. This will help feed the algorithm and better inform the role of social in the conversion.

  • Account Review

    Your account will be reviewed thoroughly to gather learnings that will help us plan optimally. Past performance informs future success.

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  • Across the Funnel Plan

    We will build an advanced bespoke funnel based on the  signals relevant to you, offering guidance on optimisation, creative & audience across each stage of the funnel.

  • Broad & Niche

    We will maximise opportunities not only on broad reach social channels, but also relevant niche channels that can drive incremental efficient reach, leads or sales.

  • Measurement & Learning

    We’ll co-develop your measurement & learning framework so success is clear at each funnel stage, so together we can allocate spend in the most effective way.

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  • Test Analysis & Reporting

    We are data analytics experts - applying our data expertise and advanced analysis frameworks to every single test campaign - from full post-campaign reporting and analysis to insights that drive further improvements.

  • Attribution Modelling

    We will uncover how hard each social channel and campaign is working to bring you customers, ensuring we are optimising with accurate data taking into account multi-channel attribution.

  • Conversion Science

    We design and create CRO strategies and frameworks using a methodology developed on the back of running 1000's of scientifically proven tests. Working both before and after the click, we will drive down your Cost Per Acquisition on social. 

Find out exactly how hard social mediais working

Today's customer buying journeys span devices, channels and time periods. Judging performance on the 'last click'  no longer makes sense.

We use attribution modelling to

  • See which marketing efforts are delivering value
  • Understand where to apply marketing investment
  • Optimise campaigns and customer journeys
  • Fine-tune your CPA (cost per acquisition)
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Facebook Marketing Partner

We are Facebook Marketing Partner, a company-wide certification awarded to a select group of digital analytics agencies who have proven their skills and knowledge in Facebook advertising.

Since adaptive implemented our digital marketing programme, data drives every marketing decision. We've seen an immediate impact on performance. We would recommend them to everyone, except our competitors!
Eoin Whelan, Tesco

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