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Digital Path to Purchase Audit

Our Digital Path To Purchase Audit provides you with an actionable list of recommendations and quick wins to improve to improve your digital investment.

Maximise your digital investment

Our Digital Path to Purchase Audit (i.e. Digital Availability) focuses on maximizing the breadth and depth of your distribution online, looking across owned, earned & paid channels. We will review the key digital levers with actionable recommendations in order to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your digital investment.

Our audit can be tailored to suit your business needs and priorities, to provide bespoke recommendations focused on growing profit (while avoiding the cookie cutter digital transformation clichés!).

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Higher ROI

9/10 of our clients see at least 26% increase in digital marketing ROI.

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  • Google Analytics Audit

    Tag, data compliance & 1st party data review, with supporting conversion audit and topline analytics report.

  • SEO Review 

    Technical & accessibility check with search visibility analysis.

  • CRO Prioritisation

    Analytical review of top user journeys and conversion funnel to help nullify media inflation.

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  • Advocacy Survey

    Survey to check “Willing to Recommend” scores along with identification of barriers to recommend.

  • Rating & Reviews

    Assessment of your online Ratings & Reviews to better understand your advocacy scores, and how to improve.

  • Social Media

    Ecosystem evaluation to know if you are playing in the right places. Also includes “Mystery Shopper” customer service tests where applicable.

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  • Paid Media Diagnosis

    Review of digital media strategy & principles,  along with media plan evaluation. We'll provide recommendations across both brand and performance marketing spend, to increase effectiveness & efficiency.

  • Search/Google Ads Audit

    We'll find your wastage and highlight where you are missing out on sales & profit. Our review includes an audit of your strategy, account & set up.

  • Paid Social Audit

    With the drop in Paid Social ROI, a Paid Social deep dive is critical in order to diagnosis the anchors holding you back, and how to course correct.

From insights to action

Our audit will provide an actionable list of takeaways that you and your team can start putting into place straight away.

We'll provide you with

  • An exec summary for leadership or board level consumption
  • Scoring across key variables, to check future progress
  • Strategic recommendations across key channels
  • Actionable recommendations with "how to's" and next steps
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Certified Marketing Partner

We are one of the few triple awarded performance marketing agencies with Premier Google Partner status along with Premier Facebook Marketing Partner and Certified Google Analytics Partner recognition.

Since adaptive implemented our digital marketing programme, data drives every marketing decision. We've seen an immediate impact on performance. We would recommend them to everyone, except our competitors!
Eoin Whelan, Tesco

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