According to Darwin’s Origin of the Species,

it is not the strongest of the species that survives. It is the one that is able best to adapt to a changing environment.

Organisations are facing unprecedented change. Digital is disrupting entire business models and customer expectations are evolving constantly.

The traditional agency model is too slow to adapt to these challenges.

online marketing strategy

We've created a structure that allows us to be nimble

  • Senior partners on your account

    With access to a wider network of specialists when we need them.

  • A focus on three areas only

    We specialise in digital marketing; analytics, pay-per-click and conversion optimisation. That's it.

  • A growth process that works

    With better digital intelligence, our clients continuously outperform their competitors.

Practice Leads

  • Brian Maher
    Insights & Growth Strategy

    Brian is a digital marketing and technology expert with over 10 years experience delivering digital growth programmes. With hands-on experience across the entire digital journey, from marketing, analytics and UX; Brian knows exactly how to devise strategies that deliver.

  • Caue Bertolino dos Santos
    Analytics & Measurement

    Caue is an expert in digital technologies and data analytics, and heads up the Business Intelligence unit within adaptive. Applying his deep technical expertise, Caue enjoys nothing more than putting clients data to work, combining insights and AdWords scripts to deliver maximum performance.

  • Maria García-Alén Gil
    Performance Marketing

    Maria is a performance expert, having worked with some of the largest brands in Europe across Search, Display, Social and Analytics. Maria specialises in sweating maximum value from clients budgets, turning those clicks into profit.

  • Anna Clarke
    Content & Social Strategy

    Having worked with a number of news and media brands both Irish and international, Anna is a seasoned journalist and content strategist. Anna understands how to craft engaging  content solutions for web, social, email and print.

  • Himanshu Lohumi
    Advanced Analytics

    An expert in advanced data analytics, Himanshu heads up the machine learning and business analytics practice. Himanshu leverages advanced predictive analytics to uncover insights, ensuring our clients continuously outperform.

  • Bruna Martinez
    Technology & Operations

    Having worked in Brazils largest bank for six years across senior technical and project management roles, Bruna now manages our technology platform and ensures all  of our PPC and Analytics projects are delivered to spec, budget and deadlines.